Thursday, July 18, 2013

Welcome to the Merry Jackdaw

I've had this title for over 7 years. I adopted this name for my live journal blog in April 2006 while I was in Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. I was over there for 3 and a half months, and as I love corvids of all kinds, used the jackdaw as my name - it came to me when I walked up Arthur's Seat in the middle of Edinburgh, with some friends on a warm late April day. On Arthur's Seat, I saw some crows and jackdaws and maybe even some magpies, but the name came to me then. Jackdaw. I'll use that as my name. I took the adjective 'merry' from the phrase 'Merry England' - a concept to describe the customs and idyllic lifestyle of the pastoral folk of England. Ronald Hutton named one of his book 'The Rise and Fall of Merry England: the ritual year 1400-1700 - a study of the annual festivals of Britain - hobby horses, morris dancers, mummers, maypole dancing, and the Lords of Misrule. Festival in England is just as important as it is in any other country. All humans need revelry, song and dance, and festival to express their identity.

It was not hard for me to like the title. The Live Journal was my way of telling all my friends about my trip - easier than email, and this was the days before facebook. Since then, it has been an outlet for many things, but now for me, Live Journal is dying and getting increasingly harder to use - it lost fashion many years ago, around about the time facebook came in. Other blog sites like this one and wordpress are far more user friendly, and while I wanted to convert all my blog posts to this one, I found I could not do it - I may still try to see how it goes.

For now, what I might do, are transfer my blog posts from LJ to this one, unless I can work out how to do an easier transfer... That will take a long time, seeing there are 300 posts, but I might chose what should be rescued....

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