Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My first article in the Cauldron

So I published an article in The Cauldron - an old pagan magazine that has been running quarterly since 1976. I've been convinced by friends to make a post about it - since I've been busy studying this year, I've not had as much time to devote to this blog, why not add something like this?

The issue it was published in was #153 Summer 2014 - coming out in August. I sent it in March/April and was told by Mike Howard that it would come out in August. The thing about the Cauldron is that its so successful that 3 issues are organised ahead of time. That's a sign of a good magazine. The writers may be mostly amateurs, but at least it's still running!

So anyway, my article was 'Pan in Fiction', which I have published on this blog before in this summarised version.

A favourite topic of mine, even since I read Ronald Hutton's 'Triumph of the Moon' (the 'Finding a God' Chapter) where I got the inspiration for the article, and purchasing 'The Blessing of Pan' novel by Lord Dunsany. I analysed the themes and genres of Pan's role in the short stories of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and gave a summary of each tale. 

My friend Andy Roberts, co-author of 'Twilight of the Celtic Gods' congratulated me on it, as he got his issue in Britain before I got mine, reminding me, as I had forgotten all about it...

This may not mean much to some, but having your first article published in something so widely distributed (all over the world) is something to be impressed with yourself about. Badly written, or enjoyed, it was fun to write - even though some Cauldron editors changed it a bit! (it even had missing punctuation!)

We always remember our first published piece.

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