Saturday, June 7, 2014

Numinous and the Rites of the Aesir

‘From the Gods to the earth to us
From us to the earth to the Gods
A gift looks for a gift

The one thing I miss about living in Ballarat since I moved here, is the Asatru rituals that a friend named Fred held. Fred ran some amazing blots and rites, feasts and bonfires in a small town outside Ballarat. I have never known such a dedicated ritualist and goði who made such an effort to capture the atmosphere of a viking blót and ritual. His garden and feasting hof was always set up so nicely. He converted an old shed into a feasting hof and the ambiance while it was all lit up with candle light was indescribable. We used to make lanterns by papier mache, or wire and tissue paper, we had banners with runes and symbols on them, and I carved a Jormundr from aerated concrete, and a papier mache Gullinbursti (the golden bristled boar). So much effort was put into the decoration of the feasts and rituals that it helped all attendees transport into the world of ritual, values, loyalties and a deep respect for the Aesir. All those who attended were often in wonderment and reverence of the ceremonies. I had never really ever been to anything like it before, and indeed, have not since, and I miss them dearly. Fred moved away and as far as I know, has not hosted anything since.  The devotional rites he offered us will never be forgotten – our memories of these blóts will be in our heads and hearts forever. Well, I really only can speak for myself! My heart glows a little every time I remember how I felt at these events, that deep sense of numinous - not only to the Gods, but the ancestors, heroes, the bloodline, the hearth, the value of family and friends, the Earth, the Sun, and the connection to the Northern lands of Europe. I saw fully grown Viking men become very emotional and open their hearts to their Gods, ancestors and each other. Those present who felt an epiphany during the rites and blóts, a voice in their very veins spoke out like never before – for me, it felt as if I finally knew who I was – with a true Norseman bloodline! I have red hair and am half English (Yorkshire) so am certain my blood comes from Scandinavia or thereabouts!

Even I hosted an Ostara once – converting my own old tin shed into a feasting Hof and named it Khraben Hof (Raven Hall). The ritual was held by Fred and I – we learned our lines and rehearsed the rite – it was fantastic! I never have experienced anything like it! We made an effigy and tied it to a stretcher that I dragged around during ritual – it was a part of the rite – a spring festival. I was so happy with the result of the rite – Fred was an excellent priest to work with, he put his heart and soul into those rites and blóts.

These rites were held in Ballarat for about 6 years, the final 4 years held in a proper established hof, and often hosted by other people at other locations.  

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